Disavow by Google

Disavow by googleOk so there is a new trend in SEO, and it is negative SEO!

Basically it is giving multiple links (and by this we mean 1000’s of  negative links)  to a site and this way bringing the relevance down accordingly to goolge or even worse black listing it!

So what do you do if this happens to you and your site?

Well google have their own tool for it and it is called google disavow! You an find it in your webmaster tools. And what it does is to help remove and tell it self that those links are no good and non valid. And Yes there will be a bit of work behind it to do it! but If your in between loosing your SEO juice or keeping it with some admin work what would you do?


Have you use google disavow?
let us know in the comments below and how you went about it!


Cheers from the Wfocus crew!

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