Google changing the name of the SEM game


Have you noticed that Google have allowed some advertisers to extend the headlines of the search engine marketing (SEM) ads?

They have also made it look like the SEM ad is part of the organic search result. Does this, together with +1 (Googles’ latest social feature: change the search engine optimization (SEO) game for good?

Will you not be able to with some smart and rational moves get yourself high up on the search engine result pages (SERP) any longer? Are you forced to create content websites that are user-friendly and contains information that your visitors actually want to read? There are so many people speculating on what will happen, and if anything will happen.

So, have you tried the longer headlines yet?
If, what was your experience?
I think that if you have the budget (or a small test budget), hence it will increase your click-through-rate percentage (CTR), however, depending on purpose of your campaign, and quality of your landing page, will also increase the amount of conversions.

I would go ahead and experiment with this new feature. Test the quality of my campaigns (keywords), my ad/s, my landing page/s and would start improving each step to build and continue to develop the best possible SEM campaign and website there is, for your specific industry.




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