The how’s and why’s? of Internet Questions …

Here are some of the Questions you should ask your self when doing somthing with the web in our eyes. This to have a “healthy” way of thinking and getting the things done in the right way and in and optimum way.

  • Why internet?
  • How to tackle the internet?
  • What should I do first?
  • SEM can it be a efficient market channel?
  • Social media, what is that and why is important in today’s world?
  • Design to drive sales/leads
  • Design to impress
  • PR-become an influences & become a brand
  • Why is what words you choose to write matter.
  • Can you buy display media to different prices?
  • Should you plan what media and what you should communicate matter?
  • Can you by simple changes to you site increase the ease visitor feel and therefore buy more or engage more with the site?

Traffic drivers:

      Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
      • How do you optimize your SEM across your activities and campaigns?
      • What are the sites of influence and what should you focus on?
      • How do you optimize your display advertising from a placement, process, analysis and optimization perspective
      • How do you optimize your campaigns from a strategy, process, analysis and optimization perspective?
      • How is each of your channels performing?


      Search & Find Optimization
      • How do you improve your search and find tools and processes?
      • What relevance is needed to drive conversion and how can it be applied?
      • How can a testing plan (A/B test) be developed and applied?
      • What segments, products and visitor behaviors can be combined with relevance to generate more conversion?
      • What are your major points of conversion (e.g. transaction) and other value-flows (e.g. sign-ups) that you need to optimize?

Additional optimization:

      • What segments and product/offer linkages need to be in place to maintain relevance?
      •  What processes and platform integration’s do you need for automated, effective email re-marketing?
      • What data and reports do you need to optimize your Service Management Program?
      • What processes and platform integration’s need to be in place for effective data-capture and feedback that is optimized?

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