Do you use Google ads? – How do you increase your ROI?

Don’t you agree that one of the biggest challenges that we as online marketers are experiencing today is to maximize your Google ads, and get a positive ROI on the money spent.

Our best advice and prioritization of what you should focus on and do first is:

  1. Do you have the correct keywords incl the long-tail ones?
  2. Bids are according to your budget
  3. What CTR do you ads have? when was it last you changed them?
  4. What position and CTR are your keywords having?
  5. Destination url’s
  6. Landing pages
  7. Negatives
  8. Correct daily budget
  9. Correct language?



  • Let us know what your experiences are and did you get the ROI you were looking for?
  • How do you see the Google ads in short term vs. long term perspective?
  • Did Google ads meet you expectations?
  • Did you use Google ads in text or as banners?

Link: Google Adwords

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