Marketingsplit, how do you see yourself spending your marketing budget?

A question we always get is how companies should split their marketing budget and on what? Should they be on Tv? Radio? Print? online? Re-marketing? The options are many!

Of course there is not one solution to all of this as it varies from company to company and sector to sector. And of course everyone what the maximum ROI on every cent spent.
This is true in many cases but if you want your company to grow fast and get a quick branding, we would recommend TV. Radio and Magazines are more to keep up the name as a presence and top of mind for clients.

We would say there are three stages of people buying process:

1, Where the people start looking & dreaming
2, When people are getting ready to buy and searching for the “best deal”
3, When they buy!

It of course would be great to be in all three stages, but that will cost you an arm and a leg in marketing.
So we would recommend to try to be in the latest two, as these are both final stages of the process. And the third is when the client more or less have decide when and where!

But coming back to the beginning of this post, how would you split your marketing budget to be in all of these stages?
Well we would say 70% in online and re-marketing, this way to be in the face of the people. and the rest of the 30% depends on the business / sector your in.. But we still say TV does its job of fast growth!

Or what have you felt and seen?


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