Email marketing – the how’s, the what’s and why’s !

Ok so Email marketing ,

Many are doing it and some are not doing it!
but among those that are doing it, some do it very well but many do it very poorly..  how come they do it so bad?Email marketing

Lets try to take a look at that!

Ok so everyone wants you to join their email list for the next newsletter and la di da, but few actually have a strategy in doing this!

Or if they have, it is more of a spamming strategy and people more get annoyed over these emails then getting positively surprised. Some examples we would say are: Groupon, Linkedin if you happen to signup for those? and the list goes on, but those are some big companies which you would expect to have a “sound strategy” for Email marketing.

So what are they doing wrong you say?
Well Groupon more or less spams you everyday and sometimes multiple time at that, while Linkedin you have  the normal one which tells you “oh you now get 30 days gold member so you can contact people” or “you now can publish” or you have to join groups which are discussing subject your interested in. Actually Linkedin doesn’t spam that much unless you forgot to “unchecked” daily messages for weekly or similar, but that one time a week you get multiple mails from one company!
Or if someone now is posting something in a group you get that over and over again, as it is an active community you get loads of them…
Ok so you have asked for them technically but maybe not in those masses!
Unfortunately Linkedin don’t have an option to say: ok this is interesting or this is not, so you get what you want and don’t get what you don’t want!

So what is a good way to do it?
Well that is actually a very hard and individual question!
Email marketing in it self is a great way to stimulate your business by reminding your visitors that you exist and convey any message you have.
But not to forget the great opportunity to send out some form of offer with an CTA, then again it has to be done in a delicate matter so you don’t spam and fill peoples inbox’s with things they don’t like and want and all that happens is that you end up in the spam or trash! And your opening % goes the wrong way..

So here are somethings bullet points we think are relevant:

  • The frequencies which you send out your mails
  • Information within them, how relevant is it for that specific person?
  • The CTA in each mail, what is it you want to achieve with the email?
  • The when you send it, as we all know, or should know, is that E-mails are more likely to be opened on certain days and times!


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