Here you find all the projects we have invested in & co-run!our projects and your ideas

We don’t limit our thinking to only specific industries but apply it to different types of project all the time.
& as we are a strategic agency which develops we know how to apply our knowledge in multiple areas
to make the maximum out of the project.

There is coming more in this section … All the time!
Are you the next one? 

Here the projects are with a short description of the idea: 

Logo (JPG Format) 2 – The main aim is this to be an inspiration and future
lifestyle & fashion portal, with full connections to
buying  platforms as well.
fö 70 – A real estate listing site that, for showing and
renting / selling offices and warehouses.
logo-Final2 – Aims to help students get that first merits on their CV
and get an early entry in to the work life via internships,
temporary work and more.
(Was cancelled june 2015 )


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