Want to have a workshop or be educated by us?

What we mean with a education and workshop is that we come out to your company and teach you how to do it.
Basically help you learn or your employees to learn what you need to know and how to do it to reach your goals in specific areas.

It can be from scratch if it’s at a novice level, or if you are just in need of building further competence in a specific area.
We can tailor make these “classes” to fit your business, a specific sector or market,
Or just to fit it to the employee at hand working with those areas within your company!

It can be in:

  • Digital strategy – Where? How? what? what are your moves and which are the right ones?
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) – Where should you be seen? how much should you pay and have as a budget?
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Which social media is right for you? Is it Facebook/Twitter/google+ ? How should you market your self there?
  • Email MarketingWhat content should be in and what should it look like? How often should you send it? 
  • Google analytics (GA) – How do you read the data you have in front of you? what can you tell from this? How do you apply it to your SEM / SMM?


Why Wfocus?

We are experienced, digital experts that have worked on multiple markets.
Our culture is all about creating as much value and ROI as possible for our clients!

With us you only have to deal with us and not with multiple different vendors.

We have worked in multiple areas and can teach you what we talk about on this site
and other things that you think you need to have a workshops or education in.
The question is what your company needs?
And what goals you have?

What Wfocus can offer!

We develop a unique education for your business that gives you:

  • The how to’s
  • The do’s and don’ts
  • The programs
  • The actions
  • The reasoning behind the action

Wanna Know more?

Just drop us a line here in our contact us form and let us know what is on your mind !
Or send us a tweet! Wfocus