Wfocus, what is up?

Wfocus whats up

So a little update on what is going on here at Wfocus…

We have changed the direction of the company and don’t do very much of online marketing, we still do it but not as much as we used too. Nowadays we mostly build and manage websites for companies and people. And as well co-run projekts with certain clients, which means time is flying and we are trying to catch up with all things at the same time.. So thereby we have lost a little of the time we spent on this blog and don’t focus so much on it! But don’t worry we will get back to it and drop a little post every now and then, that hopefully can help you get better at your online business!

So what projects do we run?
Well the one that is taking most time at the moment is this online fashion magazine called Hush you can see it here:
It is what we would call a fashion inspiration page. what is it good for you ask? well we help companies promote their products through it and its channels and as well work with different third party solutions.

As well we are at present build up another project which is not released yet, hopefully we can tell you real soon about it and what it does. And top of this buying another company to acquire their solution which we like and believe in.

So there is a little monday update for you what we have going on at the present!

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