Marketing strategy – What is a good one?

Then, apply this important data to your overall sales and marketing strategy. With points like these in mind:

  • Which markets are you trying to reach?
  • Which audiences do you want to grow in the coming year?
  • Which Channels are worth spending more on?

Your marketing data from the past year will provide you with a valuable insight into what will work over the next 12 months! Recent research suggests that companies using social media or “collaborative Web 2.0 technologies” are achieving higher profits.

Are you one of the companies missing out on a better marketing ROI by neglecting or misusing social media and other technologies? Or not reading your data correct? Analytics or what you now use to measure your data, can provide you with VERY valuable information!

While it is important to develop a clear marketing strategy to get the best possible outcome from the budget that you spent, it is also important to continuously review and analyze your results and and fine tune what your doing! This has to be done on continuously basis.

And with a clear strategy your able get the most from your marketing budget, one should like mentioned above edit and fine tune multiple times with the data one has from ones measuring tools! Just like most things with online this is something that can never be done and changes with time! So keep at it and good luck!