Wfocus was founded by:

Alexander Macura and Christian Öhrn,
who have spent the last +14 years together working in the online industry are the founders of Wfocus!
Together they have worked in a variety of areas from affiliate marketing to Marketing and sales,
as well as running different portals and companies.

All from working in start-ups to global companies, bringing these companies to be
and still today are among the top of each of their field, in each of their sector.
This way they have gained a very wide expertise of the online industry.

Both have also on ran their own companies in other sectors then the Internet, so they are all rounded in
the way of doing business and as well have consulted for many companies in different sectors.

“We come from a background with not only theory but also practise which
gives us an further understanding of our clients businesses when working with them”

Wanna Know more?

That is a bit about us, if you want to know more or have questions,
don’t hesitate to contact us form and let us know what is on your mind !
Or just send us a tweet @ Wfocus_ , simple as that! & we get back to you shortly.